Update: Leaving for two weeks, going to Venice, maybe Florence, then Paris. Then back home for a day, and off to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

When I was in Hamburg, Germany a few weeks ago, there was a huge protest about the transport of nuclear waste. We spoke to a German who kindly explained the whole deal since we couldn’t read any of their fliers. And I thought, oh, activists, how refreshing… not thinking that it was actually a big deal. But I guess it is.

Random thought: I just walked into the student lounge and Swingers was on… with Danish subtitles, of course. And it reminded me of the first time I saw it, back before I left for college. And I remember it made me feel a little better about moving to a new city, leaving an ex-boyfriend. Funny how then I could never have imagined I’d see it in Copenhagen, in this life situation. Never thought I’d see it with Danish subtitles, either.

“You need as much ballast as possible to stop you floating away; you need people around you, things going on, otherwise life is like some film where the money ran out, and there are no sets, or locations, or supporting actors, and it’s just one bloke on his own staring into the camera, with nothing to do and nobody to speak to, and who’d believe in this character then?” — Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

Weird thing: Today I had a hot dog for lunch. Me. The veggie. I was really hungry and the sandwich place was closed but hey, is that an excuse for ingesting such a ridiculous food? I dunno. I do remember though that my first grade teacher called home because I was ordering a hot dog every day for lunch, and she was concerned about the nitrates. Just a culture note: In Copenhagen there are hot-dog vendors everywhere. They’re called polse (pull-sa) wagons, and the city is famous for the hot dogs, which actually look and taste just like Sahlen’s (Buffalo people will know what I’m talkin’ bout).