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This blog is resting. It needs a rest. It needs a shot in the arm. It needs a breath. It needs … a nap. It’s just resting.

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Random snippet-y updates

-Becca was awesome in the Vagina Monologues last night. The entire show was just the most comfortable, cozy experience… it felt like we were all sitting around in someone’s living room and sharing a moment. The women in the show were genuinely amused and emotionally affected by the hilarious and touching material — and not just their own, you could see them reacting to their fellow monologue-ers, too. The audience was mostly women. I was sitting in the very center of a row of four guys all there to see Becca. One kept claiming he was there to pick up chicks.

-Post-monologues, went to Clarke’s wherein Jonathan, Kirk and I stuck three straws in my mudslide milkshake and simultaneously sipped. Then we debated quasi-feminist issues. And sipped again for a re-bonding after our debate.

-I keep forgetting that life will simply keep tossing curves and questions and ridiculous shadowy gibberish at me. It’s like it knows that I was starting to get comfortable. What?

-Stalked squirrels and seagulls with Henry and Eliina on the beach on Sunday; it felt like we were in another country for the day because it was so warm, sunny and beach-y.

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Sail away, sail away

“That sounds right up your boat.” — co-worker Jess, on this potential school

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