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bought another used couch.
it was comfy and striped.
picked it up in a truck
that we rented for the night.
got to the apartment
and carried it to the door.
too wide; too tall.
now our couch is no more.
i feel dumber than ever
still sitting on the floor.

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bought a used ikea couch

from some friendly-looking folk.

found it off craigslist
and man, what a joke.

because it collapsed.

cheap wood; bent bolts.

ikea. ikea. why you be so cruel?

now i sit on the floor.

and feel like a fool.

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Sometimes I wonder if my preferences are really my own, or if I just like things because others (who seem to be similar to me) have expressed that taste. For example, I’m tearing open a new Elliott Smith CD (Either/Or) right now.

Could I persuade myself, and believe it just as truly, that I like Shania Twain?

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Re: the below post. I always fall for these hipster things, don’t I? Ah well.

In other news… I’ve moved to another suburb of D.C. This one is in Maryland. I will miss my neighborhood, and the walk to the Metro past cute houses with blossom-filled gardens and happy dogs that run alongside you and kids that sell fresh tomatoes on the sidewalk in the summer. I will not miss the yuppie grocery store and feeling marooned in the wilds of Virginia and the flimsy apartment building I lived in. (A hurricane trap if ever there was one. Fortunately hurricanes were few and far between.)

I will find new things to like at the new place. Now I just have to unpack. Oh. My.

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Democracy is all about choice. Pizza Party U.S.A. is all about choice. You see? Matthew Baldwin has convinced me that the answer is pizza, a whole day off to eat pizza, every four years on Leap Day. You may wonder, if all of America has the day off to eat pizza, who will cook the pizza? Comment 128 on the petition contains a suggestion: “Perhaps we can arrange for Canada to cook.”

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Bad karma. In the past few days, I have:

-Cut ahead in line at Metro turnstile
-Dropped candy wrapper in parking garage and didn’t pick it up
-Stepped on tired custodian’s just-mopped floor
-Stood up someone for a Craigslist purchase (I’m sorry, okay?)
-Almost shut the elevator door on someone

Little mean-nesses. Where do they come from?

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“It’s nice to get a different voice sometimes. It makes you feel like a different person!” — my mom, on how I half-lost my voice this week

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You know you’re in trouble when….

You’re discussing the terms of your new lease with the rental agent, and you’re asking about some technicality-filled provision. And the rental guy’s face is frozen in its pleasant grin the whole time. And you end your multi-faceted question with “…. is that correct?” And he replies, “Oh, I wasn’t listening.”

You know you are further in trouble when the same thing happens again fifteen minutes later, WITH A DIFFERENT RENTAL AGENT.

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