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Taking a break from this page so I can concentrate on other things… Check back soon. In the meantime, browse the archives.

9/28: Extra insight into the break itself in the megaphone. (And you were worried the insight would stop. Silly people.)

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One morning in the elevator last week, there was an elevator technician riding up with me and a middle-aged woman. The woman was grilling the technician about the safety of the elevators.

Technician: They’re perfectly safe.
Me: I got stuck in one once for 20 minutes.
Woman: I got stuck in one for half an hour.
Technician: But you didn’t get hurt, did you?
Woman: I was mentally traumatized.

In other building news, the place I work may need a bigger office. There’s one vacant office directly above where we are now. My boss wants to have a hole cut in the floor and build stairs. Everyone else wants a ladder and a pole. That would be the coolest thing ever.

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AmeriCorps funding is still in in jeopardy. Sign a petition now to keep AmeriCorps going: Save AmeriCorps.

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“Research has uncovered the quality of grace in hospital rooms, church sanctuaries, lovemaking, and cold drinks. Also in editing. When someone edits me, it is a duet, and they edit my eyes, polishing the lens, cutting out distortion. Good editors build the telescope that lets the reader see an author’s dim, small, distant glow.” — Paul Ford, Ftrain

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Wondering lately what I should do with this page… I think I’m going through an apathetic spell…. or a fearful spell…. why say things aloud where people can hear them, when they can marinate in your head, I guess… for example, today’s secret thought: i just want to be one of the cool kids. Is it just D.C., or are all cities so clique-y that you need to know your scene, and the bars/clubs for your scene, and the music for your scene, and the stores for your scene…. I don’t have a scene.

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