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Maybe all the philosophical problems people have wondered about over the years, the meaning of life and what is the self and all of that, are just because right now we’re trapped in one body. Think about it. Maybe after we die it all becomes perfectly clear that we’re not just individual minds but an entire soul, the soul of the world.

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Update: Apparently we’ve been illegally recycling. A woman came out of the building near the dumpster where we’ve been throwing our bottles and cans, and she yelled at us because it wasn’t our building. Well, our building doesn’t have recycling. So now we have to make it a covert operation.

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Question: Does “acting mature” just mean that you don’t show what you’re really thinking?

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From Mark in NY: “There is a bell on the UN grounds, donated by Japan,
that rings twice a year: once on the first day of spring, and once on the
first day of the general assembly meeting period, usually in early September.

Of course, almost prophetically (and you can see where this is going), this
year that day was September 11. The bell was scheduled to ring at 9 a.m.

It didn’t. It still hasn’t. I don’t know when it will again.”

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“We don’t really want to tell you that the only way to lose weight is to work out more and eat less.” — Chandra Czape, former Deputy Articles Editor, Cosmo magazine

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Voice lesson: What some columnists are saying about U.S. policy.

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Realization: I realized today that I am prejudiced against people with nice eyebrows and clear nail polish. How ridiculous is that. But I couldn’t come up with any other reason that I was immediately wary of three girls that I’m working on a project with. I’m pretty sure this prejudice is a holdover from high school, when all the super-snobby people were too perfect-looking to be real. It really does take four years of college to get over the damage done in high school. Man.

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“For as long as al-Qaida has a capability to put terrorists on this Earth, they will find a place to train. Our job will be to go after and find those and take them away.” — Rear Adm. John Stufflebeem, the deputy director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Does anyone else think that sounds completely futile? We’re going to be bombing suspected terrorist camps until the end of time?

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Brownie update: All is well. Except for my stomach. Eating, like, 6, was a bad idea. Now I know.

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Right now, I’m baking brownies. Maple syrup brownies, with a recipe courtesy of Eric. I was trying to remember what it was like making them in his host mom’s kitchen, but I really couldn’t, except I do remember spilling sugar all over the floor. But this process has been so easy (so far — we’ll see how they turn out in about five minutes), that it really bears no resemblance to the first time.

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Fun thing: Follow along as I take my guitar course.

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Update: This weekend Patrick and I went to Chicagoland’s only Danish restaurant. This restaurant was a two-hour train ride plus a two-mile walk away from Evanston, but hey. It was worth it. It was worth it to see the exact same print that’s in my host family’s den, hanging in the restaurant — and, of course, for the pickled herring and rye bread. Our waiter looked a bit taken aback when we ordered that as our appetizer. On the way home we got some quality entertainment, too — loud, drunken Naval recruits being thrown off the Metra train by the conductor. For a second I could’ve sworn I was back in Copenhagen. The herring, the train, the drunkeness. *Sigh.*

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Having a party? Need something… special for those invitations?:
“Hush! Don’t tell Nancy!
her Baby Shower’s a surprise
bring a wishing-well gift
but don’t bring the guys!”

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Only *you* can stop prostitution: So, in Gainesville, Fla. the police have posted the pictures of those charged with prostitution and those charged with being “johns.” Just charged. The site got more than 1,000 hits on its first day up, according to the U. Florida paper. About the number of people accessing the page, the department spokesman said: “There seems to be an interest here. We’re going to continue to do this.”

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Update: I just had my first-ever guitar lesson! It was so, so much fun. The teacher has a handlebar mustache and his name is K.C., for Kansas City, because he’s from Kansas City, Missouri.

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